Department of food and nutrition was introduced in the year 2011

Vision and mission of the department is to achieve excellence in teaching and research for upliftment and promotion of an individual and community.Nutrition and diet education provides an opportunity to graduates to acquire knowledge, skills and empower them for effective role performance.We enable the students to achieve his/her end through acquisition of life enhancing competences.

The department offers nutrition and dietetics at graduation and post graduation level.The faculty members represent the subjects in the university.In  Year 2011- B.Sc- Nutrition and dietetics was introduced in combination with chemistry and zoology.

In Year 2014- Post graduation M.Sc- Nutrition and dietetics was introduced.From june 2011 semester system was implemented for for undergraduate students by higher education.Being an autonomous college the department has its own BOS, it revises and upgrades the syllabus.

Faculty Profile

S.No Name Designation Qualification
1. Mrs. Syeda rana H.O.D & Associate professor M.Sc –Nutriton and dietetics
2. Ms. Zoya nureen Assistant professor M.Sc –Nutriton and dietetics
3. Ms. Tanveer fatima Assistant professor M.Sc –Nutriton and dietetics
4. Ms. Rahila rawoof Assistant professor M.Sc –Nutriton and dietetics