A Profile of the ENGLISH Department

The Department of English Anwarul Uloom College has along and hoary history. It has had the privilege of being the parent department of many stalwarts and luminaries in the past including Mr. A.M Vatcha, the late Mr. G.S Sharma and Dr. R N Manvi among several others.

The department was established in 1956 when Anwarul Uloom College was a fledgling institution beginning to carve a niche for itself in the academic landscape of the twin cities. Over the last six decades, the department has grown in strength and stature and today is instrumental in developing the Communication Skills of the students.

The objective of the faculty members is to empower students from diverse groups with language skills which are essential for their placement and progress. Needless to say Anwarul Uloom College serves a large number of students who come from under privileged strata of the society, predominantly from the Muslim Minority Community.

The following members of the staff have been serving the department with sincerity and commitment for the past several years

The Department seeks to empower students with the requisite knowledge base and communication skills which would help them seek various opportunities of employment or pursue higher studies.  Computer-aided teaching strengthens and deepens the learning process.

English Department


S. No Name Qualification Designation
1 Capt.Dr. Kauser Begum Khan M.A, Ph.D HoD
2 Major Prof.Sultana Khan M.A, Ph.D Professor
3 Prof. Annie Pothan M.A, Ph.D Professor
4 Mrs. Iftekhar Unnisa M.A Associate  Professor
5 Miss. P. Sandhiya Rani M.A Assistant  Professor
6 Mrs. Sultan Jahan M.A, M.Phil Assistant  Professor
7 Miss. Nabila Fatima M.A Lecturer
8 Mrs. Husna Khaleel M.A, M.Phil Lecturer
9 Ms. Masarath Fatima M.A Lecturer