The Anwarul Uloom Educational Association is one of the oldest educational associations in Hyderabad. The idea of forming this association was conceived by the late Moulvi Abdur Razak Saheb, the Late Moulvi Jawahir Khan Saheb and a few other public-spirited Hyderabadis in 1908 at a time when private effort in the field of education was rare and the Muslims of Hyderabad were not sufficiently alive to the value of education. The Association formally came into existence on 25th march, 1909. A brief Constitution was drawn up and published on 5th October, 1910. The Association began its activities by establishing a small library, a reading room and a Primary School.

In August, 1953, in addition to the High School, which was already in existence, the Aanwarul Uloom Educational Association established two post-High School Institutions: The Anwarul Uloom Intermediate College of Arts and Commerce and the Anwarul Uloom School of Commerce, after words named as the Anwarul Uloom diploma college of Commerce. The latter institution prepared its pupils for the Commercial and Banking Diploma Examinations conducted by the Department of Technical Education in 1956 the High School was upgraded as a Multipurpose High School.

In 1970, consequent on the introduction of the scheme for reorganization of education, the Multipurpose High School was converted into an Urdu Medium Junior College with a ten year school course followed by a two year Intermediate Course in Arts, Commerce and Science. Afterwards, English Medium Intermediate Classes were added.

Besides providing facilities for education in Arts, Commerce and Science, the Association had taken the initiative in starting in 1954 Medical College Known as People’s Medical College, which after being conducted in collaboration with the Indian Medical Institution under the name of Gandhi Medical College, Was later taken over by the State Government.

The Anwarul Uloom Educational Association has been paying due attention to the cause of girls education also. In 1962 it started a Girls’ Upper Primary School which gradually grow up to be a Girls High School, having Urdu as the medium of instruction. As there was a pressing demand for College for Urdu speaking Girls, a Women’s college of Arts and Commerce now known as Shehkar Women’s College was established at Purani Haveli in 1983 with Urdu and English as the media of instructions.

An Evening section which was started in July, 1965, grew up to be a full-fledged College of Arts and Commerce in 1967-68.


Nawab Shah Alam khan

Growth of Anwarul Uloom under his stewardship

Thanks to the keen interest which Nawab Shah Alam Khan Saheb, present Chairmen of the Association, takes in its activities, a Research Center, known as the Nawab Shah Alam Khan Research Center was established in the college in 1985 which besides providing facilities for scientific research holds seminars on scientific subjects of national and international importance.

The Anwarul Uloom College Of Education was started in 1988-89. The Anwarul Uloom College of Business Management was started in 1988-89 and the MCA Course from 1991-92.

Autonomous status was granted to the Anwarul Uloom College by the U.G.C/ State Government / Osmania University, with effect from the academic year 1988-89.

Anwarul Uloom College Of Engineering and Technology, Vikarabad was established during 1997.

Anwarul Uloom College of Pharmacy Mallepally was established in the year 2006.

Nawab Shah Alam Khan College Of Education Vikarabad was established in the year 2007